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Super Skywalker 2+ Hour Endurance UAV

Spanish company Airelectronics have taken the popular and affordable Skywalker UAV airframe and extended the wings by 40% to bring the flight time out to 2.5 hours.

With fully automated takeoff, landing and flight planning with Airelectronic’s U-Pilot system and their U-Camera system, the application for such a long flight time UAV are significant.

With Shark attacks on the increase in Australia, these systems could be an affordable and much more environmentally friendly solution to shark nets and manned flights.

More details here.

Graphene Batteries Are Here: Longer life, Cooler Running & Faster Charge

Graphene Battery HobyKing

HobbyKing have just release a new graphene battery by Turnigy. For a long time now, graphene has been the next big thing in batteries. Why? Because the carbon fibre type fibre can form a single layer of just 0.335nm (microns). This makes the battery sub-strate the thinnest ever seen in batteries, which in turn allows it to store more charge.

The graphene particles form a highly dense compound allowing electrons to flow with less resistance compared to traditional Lipoly batteries.

The result is a battery capable of maintaining greater power output whilst remaining much cooler under load. Since heat and resistance are the natural enemy of batteries Graphene chemistry has significantly reduced these problems and the result is an incredible boost in cycle life.
Turnigy Graphene batteries are the new standard for serious hobbyists who require POWER ON DEMAND.

The 1300mAh 4S battery that HobbyKing are supplying are perfect for mini racing multicopters.

Check them out here.

Eagles Trained to Take Down Drones in Netherlands

The Dutch Police have been busy teaching Eagles how to take down drones.

Dutch police realise that drones can be a danger in many circumstances and also realise they can be used by organised crime for various nefarious activities. So they’ve taken to training our fine feathered friends to quickly take out an offending drone.

It’s a pretty cool solution… unless the Eagle decides to make off with a small child in the vicinity.

DJI Introduces a Thermal Camera and Gimbal Powered by FLIR

Exciting news for people looking to expand the applications of their DJI Inspire or Matrice airframes. DJI have just announced the pending release of a Thermal FLIR camera and gimbal than can be attached to the Inspire or Matrice.

Aerial thermal imagery has excellent applications for precise agriculture, power grid maintenance, environmental (green) building inspection and many more.

More details on DJI’s website here.