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The Quality, Size & Price of this Pro Video Camera is Unique

This is a tiny high quality cube-shaped camera, called the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera. It’s specifically designed for remote shooting and at $995 it’s a serious option for Aerial UAV Cinematographers.


The Blackmagic Micro records to SD card and although there’s no built-in monitor there’s a full-size HDMI port so you can attach one to see what you’re shooting.


An ‘expansion’ port that will allow the use of PWM and S.Bus remote controls that are usually found in model aeroplanes and drones. Different functions can be mapped to different channels: for example iris, focus and record start/stop can all be controlled via remote transmitter.

Visit the Blackmagic website for more.

Drone Thermal Search & Rescue Setup – TBS Discovery

The lads from TBS show how a thermal camera could be setup on a UAV to identify lost survivors in bushland. True thermal cameras are still relatively expensive, so it’s probably not something most of use would have access to right now. However, we’re seeing more an more Kickstarter campaigns around thermal imaging and it’s only a matter of time before thermal cameras are in reach of the average drone enthusiast.