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DJI Phantom Hitting a 40ft Yacht Mast

UAV pilot, Chris sent us this video he took while flying his DJI Phantom at Lakes Entrance in Victoria Australia.

You won’t believe what happens after his Phantom hit’s the top of a yacht mast, at a reasonable clip too. If you ever doubted the build quality of flying abilities of the DJI platform, check out this video.

Save Your Drone with a Multirotor Parachute Launcher

Skycat is a parachute recovery system primarily for Multicopters, single rotor helicopters, or smaller fixed wing UAS. It is designed to reduce the impact energy of the UAS in emergency situations to provide a safe landing, protect people on the ground, and save your airframe from serious damage. The Patent-pending FUSEĀ® technology ensures a fast and successful parachute eject and safe landing, even when flying at low altitudes.

Check out the product page for more info.

Drone Crash Compilation

There are some amazing shots in this drone crash compilation. I particularly like the one where a dog attacks the Phantom. Hopefully no animals were hurt in the making of this video.