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The Neo Drone’s X8 Setup is Totally Unique

No, you’re not seeing double. The Neo Drone from Acecore Technologies has an X8 setup where the rotor arms sit one above the other. It’s a pretty amazing looking machine.

The NEO blurs the lines between art and performance with stunning styling and the handling performance to match. This with a large P-Load range of 1.5KG up till 6.5KG.

The Indestructible Gimball Drone

Ok, nothing is indestructible, but this Gimball drone will bounce of objects without snapping blades or breaking an arm (of it’s own). And with it’s extra skeletal design, it’s much safer for humans to be around.

Flyability is the winner of the UAE drones for good award. This is their video submission for the Semi-Finals.
Flyability has developed Gimball, a drone that can enter confined spaces and safely fly close to humans, proving to be highly effective in rescue missions. It is protected by a rotating cage which makes it capable of colliding with obstacles in challenging environments without losing its stability.

The UAE Drones for Good award is here.

Print Your Own Octocopter Drone

For one New Zealander, named Brendan, 3D printing has been a hobby of his since he got his first 3D printer back in 2013. Around this same time, he was also frequently playing around with quadcopters. He was even part of the group that tested out the 3DR IRIS Quadcopter before it was officially released, and he had also constructed several quadcopters by himself, so it was only his natural progression to begin thinking about how to combine both hobbies: 3D printing and flying robots.

Checkout the video below.

Download the 3D printer files from Thingiverse.


World’s Smallest 80 MP Aerial Camera – Phase One iXU 180

Phase One Industrial, a leading manufacturer and provider of medium format aerial digital photography equipment and software solutions, today announced the Phase One iXU 180 camera, the world’s smallest
80 MP medium format aerial camera.

The Phase One iXU 180 features an 80 MP CCD sensor for an impressive 10,328 pixels cross-track coverage, yet is so small that its body is barely wider than its lens barrel. Weighing in at less than 950 grams, the iXU 180 can be used as a standalone photogrammetric camera, or as part of an array of multiple cameras, either to cover a larger swath or as part of an oblique camera system.

Start saving those pennies, this aint going to be cheap!


Learn to Fly FPV with HobbyKing’s 250 FPV Mini Quadcopter


Mini quads are the new black, mainly because they can be fast, nimble, but above, they’re cheap. And being cheap it means you can crash them and repair them cost effectively. Probably can’t say the same for a DJI Phantom!

Hobbyking came out with their own 250 mini quad recently and it certainly ticks all the boxes. These kits come with everything except the flight controller board, they recommend a KK board, radio control and FPV gear.

These little quads are great for people who want to learn to fly FPV and don’t want to worry about crashing an expensive quad. At around the $120 for the frame, motors ESC’s, battery and props, if you have a radio sitting around, you’ll have yourself an FPV setup for under $300 once you buy an FPV camera and receiver.

For details, checkout the Hobbyking product page.

Flight Monitoring Via Smart Watch

One of the members over at has informed the community that they are working on a Flight Monitor app for smart watches.

I’ve been resisting purchasing a smart watch, but this might tip me over the edge 😉

We just started to develop flight monitoring app for smart watches, We are aiming to have important features like when battery is c…

Source: Flight Monitoring Via Smart Watch – DIY Drones

Save Your Drone with a Multirotor Parachute Launcher

Skycat is a parachute recovery system primarily for Multicopters, single rotor helicopters, or smaller fixed wing UAS. It is designed to reduce the impact energy of the UAS in emergency situations to provide a safe landing, protect people on the ground, and save your airframe from serious damage. The Patent-pending FUSE® technology ensures a fast and successful parachute eject and safe landing, even when flying at low altitudes.

Check out the product page for more info.