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Super Skywalker 2+ Hour Endurance UAV

Spanish company Airelectronics have taken the popular and affordable Skywalker UAV airframe and extended the wings by 40% to bring the flight time out to 2.5 hours.

With fully automated takeoff, landing and flight planning with Airelectronic’s U-Pilot system and their U-Camera system, the application for such a long flight time UAV are significant.

With Shark attacks on the increase in Australia, these systems could be an affordable and much more environmentally friendly solution to shark nets and manned flights.

More details here.

Graphene Batteries Are Here: Longer life, Cooler Running & Faster Charge

Graphene Battery HobyKing

HobbyKing have just release a new graphene battery by Turnigy. For a long time now, graphene has been the next big thing in batteries. Why? Because the carbon fibre type fibre can form a single layer of just 0.335nm (microns). This makes the battery sub-strate the thinnest ever seen in batteries, which in turn allows it to store more charge.

The graphene particles form a highly dense compound allowing electrons to flow with less resistance compared to traditional Lipoly batteries.

The result is a battery capable of maintaining greater power output whilst remaining much cooler under load. Since heat and resistance are the natural enemy of batteries Graphene chemistry has significantly reduced these problems and the result is an incredible boost in cycle life.
Turnigy Graphene batteries are the new standard for serious hobbyists who require POWER ON DEMAND.

The 1300mAh 4S battery that HobbyKing are supplying are perfect for mini racing multicopters.

Check them out here.

DJI Introduces a Thermal Camera and Gimbal Powered by FLIR

Exciting news for people looking to expand the applications of their DJI Inspire or Matrice airframes. DJI have just announced the pending release of a Thermal FLIR camera and gimbal than can be attached to the Inspire or Matrice.

Aerial thermal imagery has excellent applications for precise agriculture, power grid maintenance, environmental (green) building inspection and many more.

More details on DJI’s website here.

The Folding Quadcopter That Fits in Your Pocket

This little quadcopter will fit in the palm of your hand when folded.

Inspired by origami, the folding drone developed by a team at EPFL and NCCR Robotics unfurls and takes off in a third of a second. The moment it is turned on, the rotors engage, the articulated arms extend and the drone begins moving. This eager device could be quickly released in large numbers over a disaster zone in order to bring back photos and establish contact with people in need.


5 Quadcopters to Learn on That Won’t Breaking the Bank… or Your Face

What’s the best quad to learn on? Simple: a cheap one. You’re going to crash it so the cheaper the better. Small quads are great for learning because they’re usually cheap to repair, they tend to bounce back and more importantly, they won’t damage people or property any where near as much as a larger one will.

Trust me, I made the mistake of buying a larger expensive quad when I first started. Spent hours and $$$ rebuilding and repairing it until I finally decided to buy a little one I could fly indoors to build my skills on.

Here are some affordable multirotors that you can cut your teeth on without cutting your fingers off.

1. The BLADE Nano QX RTF Quadcopter. Around $100 and available on Amazon.


2. EZ Fly 101S Flipside Quadcopter. $60 from Amazon.


3. BLADE 180 QX HD BNF Quadcopter


4. Hubsan X4 H107CHD 2.4GHz 4CH RC Quadcopter with HD Camera


5. Parrot BeBop Drone 14 MP Full HD 1080p Fisheye Camera Quadcopter


World’s First Hydrogen Powered 4H-Endurance Multi-Rotor UAV


HYCOPTER is the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered multi-rotor UAV. HYCOPTER is being readied for a record flight endurance of 4 hours, or 6 times the average flight duration of equivalent systems today.

Unlike any other rotorcraft, HYCOPTER makes use of its frame structure to store energy in the form of hydrogen instead of air, eliminating energy storage weight. With less lift power required, HYCOPTER’s ultra-light fuel cell turns the hydrogen in its frame into electricity to power its rotors.

With HUS’ breakthrough technology, today’s 20-30 minute multi-rotor missions shift to a new paradigm with flights lasting several hours at a time. Aerial survey jobs will become materially cheaper/faster and drone delivery over longer distances, more feasible.


The Quality, Size & Price of this Pro Video Camera is Unique

This is a tiny high quality cube-shaped camera, called the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera. It’s specifically designed for remote shooting and at $995 it’s a serious option for Aerial UAV Cinematographers.


The Blackmagic Micro records to SD card and although there’s no built-in monitor there’s a full-size HDMI port so you can attach one to see what you’re shooting.


An ‘expansion’ port that will allow the use of PWM and S.Bus remote controls that are usually found in model aeroplanes and drones. Different functions can be mapped to different channels: for example iris, focus and record start/stop can all be controlled via remote transmitter.

Visit the Blackmagic website for more.

3D Robotics Introduces Solo, with help from GoPro

If you’re thinking about getting the new DJI Phantom 3, think again! 3D Robotics have just released Solo, “the world’s first smart drone and with a price tag of $999 and with it’s open source flight controller, this UAV could take some market share away from DJI.

Solo is a breakthrough in intelligent flight. It’s not just smarter so that it can do more; it’s smarter so that you have to do less. We’ve turned the Hollywood toolkit into software, and allowed everyone to experience epic video, both behind and in front of the camera. — Chris Anderson.

The 3DR Solo is available for pre-order via 3DR’s store.

Fast Track Your Entry into Mini Racing Quads with the DYS 250 from HobbyKing

You might be looking to get into mini FPV quad without having to spend a fortune and without having to build your own from scratch. If that’s the case, this Plug ‘N’ Fly 250 quad from HobbyKing could be worth considering.


The DYS 250 PNF quadcopter has all of the functionality and flexibility of a DIY frame and the ease of use of a PNF. The latest DYS offering incorporates quality BE series brushless motors, fully licensed open pilot CC3D flight control board (pre-tuned), BLheli speed controllers and a folding frame design which neatly folds into the supplied storage case.

The CC3D Flight controller provides a crisp feel when flying tricopters, quads, hexcopters, octocopters, and even fixed wing planes and has been specifically selected for this PNF quadcopter to bring you a super stable quadcopter straight out of the box.


  • PNF format add your receiver and let the fun begin
  • 20A Opto BLHeli Speed controllers
  • Powerful DYS BE series 2300kv motors
  • Pre-tuned CC3D flight control system
  • Open pilot cloud configured and pre-tuned
  • Folding portable frame
  • Handy carrying case included
  • Extremely durable carbon fiber construction

For more details, visit the HobbyKing product page.