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Boat Drone Scans Lake and Sea Beds [ArduBoat]

[Geir] has created a pretty neat device, it’s actually his second version of an autonomous boat that maps the depths of lakes and ponds. He calls it the Sea Rendering. The project is pretty serious as the hull was specially made of fiberglass. The propulsion is a simple DC motor and the rudder is powered by an RC servo. A light and flag adorn the top deck making the small craft visible to other larger boats that may be passing by. Seven batteries are responsible for all of the power requirements.

The craft’s course is pre-programmed in Mission Planner and uses ArduPilot loaded on an Arduino to steer to the defined way points. An onboard GPS module determines the position of the boat while a transducer measures the depth of the water. Both position and depth values are then saved to an SD card. Those values can later be imported into a software called Dr Depth that generates a topographic map of the water-covered floor.

[Geir] has sent this bad boy out on an 18 km journey passing through 337 way points. That’s pretty impressive! He estimates that the expected run time is 24 hours at a top speed of 3 km/h, meaning it could potentially travel 72 km on a single charge while taking 700 depth measurements during the voyage.

Read more here.

Fiberglass V-4 Quadcopter [Video]

Is there no limit to people’s creativity when designing new air frames for UAV’s? Check out this fiberglass multirotor airframe.


  • Full Fuselage V-4 (V-Tail)
  • Approx. 640mm motor to motor.
  • Material — Fully painted fiberglass fuselage
  • Removable canopy for accessing electronics and changing batteries.
  • Flying Weight-1200~1400g(Battery excluded)
  • Model net weight-640g

The Indestructible Gimball Drone

Ok, nothing is indestructible, but this Gimball drone will bounce of objects without snapping blades or breaking an arm (of it’s own). And with it’s extra skeletal design, it’s much safer for humans to be around.

Flyability is the winner of the UAE drones for good award. This is their video submission for the Semi-Finals.
Flyability has developed Gimball, a drone that can enter confined spaces and safely fly close to humans, proving to be highly effective in rescue missions. It is protected by a rotating cage which makes it capable of colliding with obstacles in challenging environments without losing its stability.

The UAE Drones for Good award is here.

Dynamic Motor Tilting on this Hyper 330 FPV Pod Racing Quadcopter

Apparently Dynamic Motor Tilting is now a thing on quads, and it means the body of the quad doesn’t pitch down so much at speed, which means your FPV camera won’t be facing the ground when you’re racing at high speeds.

This from the makers:

Thrilling Fast FPV Proximity flights and a Rugged Bulletproof frame, this is what OFM Hyper 330 FPV Pod racing Quadcopter is going to offer you and much more. When it comes to FPV racing, and pod racing you need a Quadcopters that will zoom around track with jaw dropping speeds, cut sharp corners with clear precision, shoot out with perfect and instant speed, offer instant air brakes, a Quadcopter that is super agile, and totally rugged and bulletproof, a Quadcopter that is easier to carry and store, A Quadcopter that is not going to look like an ugly experiment in the air. If you want all this, then look no more. OFM Hyper 330 FPV Pod Racing Quadcopter is specially designed by professional FPV racing pilot, well tested (constantly undergoing hardcore flight testing) and well equipped with ultimate power combo that will give you a winner on the FPV Pod racing track. No matter it’s an open field, a forest Pod Racing Track, or a competition FPV obstacle course Pod racing Track, OFM Hyper 330 is designed to cope with all kinds of racing tracks and flying styles. In general, OFM Hyper 330 is designed to win and leave every other copter behind on the track.