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FPV Session Through an Open House [Video]

If you’re into FPV flying and live in Australia, then you’ve probably heard of the legendary Juz and seen one or two of his amazing videos. Well, here’s one he posted on YouTube a week ago. Watch as he picks perfect lines and pilots his quad at speed through his house – not to mention the summersault over the river…. crazy skills.

Proximity FPV with a Lumenier 250 at Bali Resort

How would you like to enjoy a holiday in a beach side Bali resort AND get to do some proximity flying with your Quad? Sounds like the perfect holiday to me.

Australian UAV pilot Juz has been an inspiration to many with his precision FPV proximity flying. In this vid he takes his Lumenier 250 QAV for a spin around a Bali resort… as you do.

Juz has inspired many, including me, so I hope this short (3.40) video inspires you to get out and try new things with your flying machine.