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5 Quadcopters to Learn on That Won’t Breaking the Bank… or Your Face

What’s the best quad to learn on? Simple: a cheap one. You’re going to crash it so the cheaper the better. Small quads are great for learning because they’re usually cheap to repair, they tend to bounce back and more importantly, they won’t damage people or property any where near as much as a larger one will.

Trust me, I made the mistake of buying a larger expensive quad when I first started. Spent hours and $$$ rebuilding and repairing it until I finally decided to buy a little one I could fly indoors to build my skills on.

Here are some affordable multirotors that you can cut your teeth on without cutting your fingers off.

1. The BLADE Nano QX RTF Quadcopter. Around $100 and available on Amazon.


2. EZ Fly 101S Flipside Quadcopter. $60 from Amazon.


3. BLADE 180 QX HD BNF Quadcopter


4. Hubsan X4 H107CHD 2.4GHz 4CH RC Quadcopter with HD Camera


5. Parrot BeBop Drone 14 MP Full HD 1080p Fisheye Camera Quadcopter


Quanum XJ470 Folding Quadcopter Frame Review

If you’re after a mid size portable quadcopter frame that can hold a gimbal and fold down to fit into a backpack, this might be the ticket.

While it’s not as cheap as a DJI 450 flamewheel, this airframe has the looks and the practicality lacking in many similar frames it’s size. We also love how the gimbal mount as it’s elevated so your GoPro won’t be dragging it’s ass on the ground (hopefully).

HobbyKing has this for sale at around USD$100. Would make for a nice upgrade to for smaller cheaper setups.

Here’s a video review from HobbyKing.

Features Include

  • Full Carbon fiber and CNC hard anodized aluminum construction
  • Folding design for easy transportation
  • Metal folding and lock system
  • 16mm carbon arms with billet aluminum motor mounts
  • Full forward facing gimbal mounting options for a wide range of gimbals
  • 470mm wheel base for a wide range of power options
  • Unique styling and functional design

For more details, see the HK product page.

FPV Session Through an Open House [Video]

If you’re into FPV flying and live in Australia, then you’ve probably heard of the legendary Juz and seen one or two of his amazing videos. Well, here’s one he posted on YouTube a week ago. Watch as he picks perfect lines and pilots his quad at speed through his house – not to mention the summersault over the river…. crazy skills.

Fiberglass V-4 Quadcopter [Video]

Is there no limit to people’s creativity when designing new air frames for UAV’s? Check out this fiberglass multirotor airframe.


  • Full Fuselage V-4 (V-Tail)
  • Approx. 640mm motor to motor.
  • Material — Fully painted fiberglass fuselage
  • Removable canopy for accessing electronics and changing batteries.
  • Flying Weight-1200~1400g(Battery excluded)
  • Model net weight-640g

New 3DR Drone Teaser Video

3DR are releasing a new “prosumer” next Monday, and they’ve created a teaser video to wet your appetite. Apparently it’s going to be so easy to fly, a monkey could do it 😉

Checkout the teaser video below.

Dynamic Motor Tilting on this Hyper 330 FPV Pod Racing Quadcopter

Apparently Dynamic Motor Tilting is now a thing on quads, and it means the body of the quad doesn’t pitch down so much at speed, which means your FPV camera won’t be facing the ground when you’re racing at high speeds.

This from the makers:

Thrilling Fast FPV Proximity flights and a Rugged Bulletproof frame, this is what OFM Hyper 330 FPV Pod racing Quadcopter is going to offer you and much more. When it comes to FPV racing, and pod racing you need a Quadcopters that will zoom around track with jaw dropping speeds, cut sharp corners with clear precision, shoot out with perfect and instant speed, offer instant air brakes, a Quadcopter that is super agile, and totally rugged and bulletproof, a Quadcopter that is easier to carry and store, A Quadcopter that is not going to look like an ugly experiment in the air. If you want all this, then look no more. OFM Hyper 330 FPV Pod Racing Quadcopter is specially designed by professional FPV racing pilot, well tested (constantly undergoing hardcore flight testing) and well equipped with ultimate power combo that will give you a winner on the FPV Pod racing track. No matter it’s an open field, a forest Pod Racing Track, or a competition FPV obstacle course Pod racing Track, OFM Hyper 330 is designed to cope with all kinds of racing tracks and flying styles. In general, OFM Hyper 330 is designed to win and leave every other copter behind on the track.