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Replica Drone: Imperial Star Destroyer – Shadow of the Empire

Olivier “C” posted the video featured below today on his YouTube account, saying that the Star Destroyer shown in it includes a Prophecy 335 quadcopter with a custom frame made of carbon and aluminum, as well as some T-Motors brand motors and speed controllers, a LiPo battery, and some other assorted hardware.

Pretty awesome build!

You can checkout Oliver’s full build photos here.

An Apple Drone? This Concept Does the Apple Styling Justice


Many major tech companies are eyeing drones — Amazon, Google and even Facebook. It’s unclear at this point whether Apple wants in, too, but one designer has envisioned what the company’s version of a drone might look like if it ever launched one.

German designer Eric Huisman mocked up a sleek drone concept called the Apple Quadcopter, which has a minimalistic black-and-white design. It’s very, well, Apple.

Source: Mashable

Learn to Fly FPV with HobbyKing’s 250 FPV Mini Quadcopter


Mini quads are the new black, mainly because they can be fast, nimble, but above, they’re cheap. And being cheap it means you can crash them and repair them cost effectively. Probably can’t say the same for a DJI Phantom!

Hobbyking came out with their own 250 mini quad recently and it certainly ticks all the boxes. These kits come with everything except the flight controller board, they recommend a KK board, radio control and FPV gear.

These little quads are great for people who want to learn to fly FPV and don’t want to worry about crashing an expensive quad. At around the $120 for the frame, motors ESC’s, battery and props, if you have a radio sitting around, you’ll have yourself an FPV setup for under $300 once you buy an FPV camera and receiver.

For details, checkout the Hobbyking product page.

Iris+ Quadcopter Review by National Geographic

Kike Calvo from National Geographic reviews 3DR’s Iris+. Well worth a read if you’re considering purchasing a platform for aerial photography.

The Iris was co-developed by Chris Anderson, who was the editor-in-chief of WIRED Magazine until 2012. In October 2007, Anderson flew a remote-controlled aircraft equipped with a camera over Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which ended up crashing into a tree. Despite a bit of a rough landing, this experience inspired him to co-found 3D Robotics, a robotics manufacturing company which was a spin-off of the website DIYdrones.com. Today, 3D Robotics produces the Ardupilot series of autopilots, which are based on the Arduino platform.

Source: What You Should Know About the Iris+ Quadcopter – (blog) National Geographic

Star Wars Speeder Bike Quadcopter

Quad racing fan Adam Woodman decided he’d combine his love of quadcopters with his love of Star Wars, and build this Speeder bike. The body is from a 1:6 scale Hasbro Power Of The Force series Speeder Bike, 880kn 28mm motors, 14.4v 2200 mAh Lipo and the PixHawk flight controller.

For more details, see Adam’s Makezine post.