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Aerobatic Tricopter with Folding Frame – Amazing Moves


These amazing mini tricopters from Hobbyking just popped up on our radar. Based on the price point, if you have some 2206KV motors laying around and a flight controller that will handle a Tri, it might be worth picking up a frame.

HobyKing recommend the following additional products:

  • Motors: 3 x 2206~2209 class (2206 ‘Baby Beast’ motors recommended) 14~19mm slot mounting
  • ESC’s: 3 x 10~20A (Afro 12A recommended)
  • Flight Controller: CC3D, Naze32, KK Mini, HKPilot Mini or similar size
  • Propellers: 3 x 5~8 inch (Gemfan HQ 6045 recommended)
  • Lipoly: 1000mah~1400mah 3S Lipoly (MultiStar 1400 Race Spec recommended)
  • Servo: 1 x 9G metal geared servo (TGY-9018 MG)

Visit the product page here